Sunday, December 19, 2010

The glass is there!

There's little I enjoy more than being at New Visions and shooting the new age bull with my friends there. Recently two friends were having a very Zen conversation that went like this:

D said, "Is this glass half full or half empty?"
C-refusing to be bated said "It is holding about half its volume"
D came back with,"The master will tell you that the glass isn't there at all, its just an illusion!"

Well, that was another one of those things that make me start to contemplate all of the esoteric principles that many of us are consumed with. For me, when these things occur, I receive sudden insights that I feel are channeled from Spirit. This time I got a very strong urge to say "The glass is most certainly there right in front of you." My point being that we often times get caught up in all matters spiritual and neglect this third dimensional experience that we're all having. Does anyone believe that this existence is some Cosmic waste of time? All of our experiences here are real and are needed for our growth as spiritual entities.

The beauty of a sunset or a breath-taking vista...the feel of your child's hand in yours....the feeling your lover gives you deep in your gut. These and many, many other experience we have are undeniably real and equally undeniably necessary. Let's not all get so caught up in looking ahead that we loose sight of where we're at.

Love and light,