Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday Flash 55 collection

One of the things I used to participate in with many of my fellow bloggers was the Friday Flash Fiction 55. This is where you write a story in 55 more and no less! Its quite a challenge if you enjoy writing. I'm going to post some of the more spiritual ones here.


Trembling with anticipation, he held The Book of All Knowledge in his hands! He worked up some courage and opened the leather bound volumn to the first page. Unbelievably, the first page, like all the rest, was blank! He pondered this, perplexed. How could this be? Then with a smile he picked up his pen...

The Path

He continued to wander the forest in search of The Path. He knew it was here because he could feel it. He climbed a high hill and looked off in the distance. Seeing nothing, he looked back and saw a long and winding path to his feet. He realized then that the world was his......


Having released his frustrations into the healing waters of the lake, he climbed a hill that sat high above the water. There he sat cross-legged under an old oak and watched a hawk glide majestically overhead. He closed his eyes, listened to the call of the hawk and accepted the energy of Spirit deeply.

Skipping Stones

He walked down to the lakeshore, selected the flattest stones he could find and began skipping them across the surface of the water. He had always felt a sense of calmness and spiritual connection at the water's edge.He named each stone with a negative experience he had. When the stones were gone....he breathed


The rain is falling, soft yet determined, washing the world around me and renewing it's purpose. Tomorrow will find everything changed-no matter its appearance. Change is oh so subtle and hard to detect, yet undeniable. Not necessarily for better or worse, but changed. I feel it raining on my soul, so softly yet determined......

And the one that may be my last...


Spirit has the power to enlighten us. Why not be enlightened?
Spirit has the power to heal us.Why not be healed?
Spirit has the power to empower us. Why not be empowered?
Spirit has the power to grow us. Why not be bigger?
Spirit has the power to move us. Lets all get moving!

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