Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Symphony

A lone man steps on stage and begins to beat on a kettle drum. The rhythm is compelling but not interesting in the long term. A young lady joins him, opens her case and pulls out a clarinet. She begins playing a melody in time with the drummers beat. Three more people enter from stage left with a violin, viola and cello, set up and join in. The sound is becoming more....compelling. Soon a section of brass arrives. A tuxedoed man arrives, takes his place at a podium and begins directing the musicians with his baton. More and more players join in with a variety of instruments then a choir walks out and sings in harmony. The music is beautiful and intricate and makes the breast swell and the heart beat faster! People begin filing into the audience with joy on their faces. (Did you think the musicians more important than the listeners?) Suddenly the first man on the stage sets down his drumstick and leaves. The music changes and is lessened. How important was that solo drummer, who none of us would listen to by himself, once he leaves the totality of the whole orchestra?

My friend Tom is the one who got me thinking along these lines. One day he said, "I know some of you think that I am more powerful than you and, while I'm very powerful, so are all of you." I've always admired his ability to channel and the strength and accuracy of his insights and have often wondered if I'd ever reach his level. This made me start to really think about power and ability. I believe that we are all like the great symphony, all with different parts to play. Not everyone can play a wind instrument. All of us can sing but I know I'll never get a recording contract! But isn't the person who listens to the music as vital to it as the one playing? So, yes, Tom, we are all equal in power since our power comes from the same source, but we all have unique abilities I think. And we are all essential to The Symphony..........

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