Monday, November 21, 2011

The Shifting Sands

Last night I dreamed a dream. As often happens Spirit speaks to us in our dreams in metaphors and Spirit spoke to me last night. In my dream I was standing at the base of a sand dune. Standing near the top of the sand dune was a man I worked with many years ago and did not know well. He was calling to me to come up and see the view he had from his vantage point. I climbed the dune and as I crested a small ridge my friend was swept down the dune in a torrent of sand like an alpine avalanche. The sand swept me up also and started me rolling down the hill. I was very afraid and was being overwhelmed by the sand. It was hard to draw a breath. Suddenly, calmness flooded through my being and it was easy to breathe. I regained complete control of my movements even though the sand continued to roll past me. It didn't affect me at all. I was able to go to my friends aid without a problem.

You should know that I am aware when I awaken that I have had several significant sessions while I slept with Spirit but for some reason they are almost always completely inaccessible to me. I have learned to accept that I am receiving these lessons on a level that I am not supposed to or capable of accessing consciously so when I do remember one I really pay attention to it.

I sat with Spirit and asked about the meaning of the dream. They explained that the sand is a metaphor for all those things that can overwhelm us in our day to day life. So often we feel out of control and unable to cope with these issues. But once we find our inner calm and release the fear we can accomplish the tasks needed to resolve our situations.  Fear is useful in the short term but it needs to released for us to move forward. It is what brings stability to the shifting sands of our lives.

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  1. Mike, this has such a Native American feel to it
    Most excellent. Where ya been?