Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Energy is ......ENERGY!

Well here we go again. I have been getting channeling after channeling and I keep not writing them down and then they evaporate like mist and I can't get them back again. Very frustrating to me and to my guides so I shall endeavor to do better.

Today they are talking about energy....that which makes up all of creation including you and me. What is it and how does it take so many forms? Nine months ago your body was made up of an entirely different group of protons and electrons, this is known as fact. So what was you last year is now part of a fish or a tree and what was a hawk or a blade of grass is now you. Strange but true...

What does this mean? It is the lesson of Yoda to a greater degree. While the fictional master told the aspiring Jedi that all things are connected he forgot to mention that we are all the same! Same energy just held in different forms performing different functions but still the same. Energy is energy is energy and the difference is only in how is is put to use. I was always struck by how an atom looked so similar to a solar system, electrons circling a center mass much as a planetary system orbits a central sun.The only difference besides the obvious one of scale is form and function.

So then what gives everything its form and function? Consciousness. Each of us has a working consciousness that informs our energy to take the form that we all experience while we are in this physical incarnation. We use an encoded DNA structure to deliver that instruction but it is our individual consciousness that makes that design. That goes for other animals, plants and yes even minerals. Sit with water or a rock and you can feel their energy and awareness. It is different than yours but it is there and it is tangible. Even man-made objects have a form of consciousness embued there by the will of its creator whether is a chair or a house, the energy and consciousness of its component parts along with the will of the one creating it goes into it to determine its energetic form and function.

The Shaman is aware of this and celebrates every day with a sense of joy and gratitude to that which created all. He celebrates by honoring his connection to everything around and strives to bring balance to himself which helps to bring balance to all around him. He revels in the feeling of oneness and connection to everything. It is his first step into seeing the other worlds that exist all around us...and he is blessed...

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